The app to play carts following tradition with your smartphone. Download it now and start to play Revenge, the card game that Neapolitan family plays over Christmas Time, and not only.
It’s all about cazzimma a carte scoperte!



'A cazzimma a carte scoperte as tradition. The app uses the real from Neapolitan playing cards we have offered our friends from "Muoio carte da gioco".

'A cazzimma a carte scoperte it’s better if you're in good company. At Napolitan Revenge you can play in the tables from 3 to 8 players against your Facebook friends or play a quick game with yourself.

'A cazzimma a carte scoperte as you like it. Napolitan Revenge is customizable to your taste. You can choose between 4 game tables, 4 languages (Italian, English, French and Spanish) and various voices of the croupier.


The goal is not to receive twice the ace of clubs.

Each player receives one card discovered during his turn. The cards are delivered clockwise. When a player draws a "special card" (Ace, two, or three) may choose, within 5 seconds, who to give extra cards.

Special Cards:

  • Ace: Assign 5 cards to a player you want
  • Three: Assign 3 cards to a player you want
  • Two: Assign 2 cards to a player you want
  • Ace Of Clubs: You lose a token

The game session ends when a player pulls out the ace of clubs, who receives the ace of clubs loses a token. When a player loses two tokens, the game is closed for that player. The player who remains alive at the end of the game wins the game.

Napolitan Revenge comes from Gaetano Cangiano and its Team’s work and their desire to bring Revenge, a classic traditional Neapolitan card game, on everybody’s smartphone.

The app is developed to let everybody invite their Facebook friends and share with them the game experience respecting their privacy.

So everyone can try 'a cazzimma a carte scoperte in total freedom.

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